The Long Walk Home CD – Lyrics

Til Only Silence Remains

There’s battles you win, There’s wars that you lose

There’s love and there’s hate and weapons to choose

There’s yelling and blaming and boatloads of fear

There’s anger and rage, that ends up in tears

He keeps telling you that you do it all wrong

Like every time you put your lipstick on

He drives you away and bitches when you’re gone

And you can’t stand alone, with this damn collar on

So you try to make up for the love that you lack

Defend yourself when you’re under attack

Battle until your energy drains

And you don’t feel the pain, til’ only silence remains 

It used to be fun, it used to be real

At one point he cared about how you feel

You let yourself change into something your not

Who you fell in love with, was not who you got

But you keep on fighting cause it’s inside of you

You don’t recognize the things that you do

The tape in your head plays faster and faster

Until every things gone and you’re left with disaster

So you try to make up for the love that you lost

Defend yourself regardless of cost

Battle until you show them who’s boss

But you don’t feel the pain, til’ only silence remains

Written by Cara Carlson (c) Cara Carlson 2009

The Long Walk Home



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